Carefree luxury at its best. Mariaflora fabrics, chenilles and velvets in 100% solution-dyed acrylic are stain- and water-repellent, fade-proof, entirely washable and also bleach-cleanable!


Vacuuming and removing loose dirt from the surface will help keep your fabrics like new. We recommend removing stains and spills immediately as they occur, blotting the surface of the fabrics with a clean sponge or cloth, lukewarm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

Let air dry.

Chlorine bleach will not affect the coloration of the solution-dyed acrylic fiber and is therefore acceptable for stubborn stain removal, if properly diluted.


Chlorine bleach will not affect the coloration of the solution-dyed acrylic fiber and can therefore be used to treat stubborn stains *. To avoid compromising the strength of the fiber, we recommend a diluted solution of 2% bleach to 98% water. Thorough rinsing is always essential. Let air dry in the shade.

*Except for Mariaflora indoor-outdoor prints.


Mariaflora indoor-outdoor prints can be dry cleaned, and hand- or machine-washed with a gentle 30°C (86°F) cycle and a soft detergent. Low speed spin dry, then air dry. Avoid using tumble dryers and high pressure cleaners as they could damage the fabrics. 

DO NOT treat indoor-outdoor prints with chlorine bleach and/or strong chemicals as this will inevitably damage the fabric. Professional dry cleaning is always recommended for tough stains.


Gently brush or vacuum any loose dirt from the surface. To avoid staining, spills should be removed immediately. Blot any excess liquid from the surface. Using a clean, damp cloth or sponge, gently dab the spot to remove the remaining stain. For more stubborn stains, apply a natural soap or mild detergent to the surface and gently rub (excessive rubbing may damage the product). Rinse with clean water and let air dry.

Mariaflora carpets, sheers and throws can be machine-washed. We recommend a normal 30°C (86°F) cycle with mild detergent and low spin speed. Avoid thumble dryers. A solution of 98% water to 2% bleach can be used to treat stubborn stains. Thorough rinsing is always essential. Professional cleaning is always recommended for tough stains.


Don’t worry, it’s easier done than said. Mariaflora fabrics handle more than 120 kinds of stains and spills. 

Please go to our Complete Instruction Guide for more information.