Metamorfosi reflects on our world’s necessity for enlightened change. Just like a chrysalis metamorphosing into a charming, colorful butterfly.

The collection stems from Mariaflora’s devotion to pushing the boundaries of high-end textile engineering. It’s woven into Mariaflora’s signature solution-dyed acrylic yarn, this time engineered into state-of-the-art structured yarns.

Metamorfosi features a set of kaleidoscopic weaves, each displaying Italian craftsmanship at its absolute best with sophisticated tridimensional structures, from geometric patterns destructured into essential compositions to finely tactile solids. All weaves are complemented by a natural palette of brand new hues ranging from Linen to Royal Blue, from Sage Green to Spice Ochre.

Metamorfosi is manufactured in Mariaflora’s family mill in the Italian Alps and delivers nothing but high-performance and the softest of hands. Stain-, spill-, weather-, mould- and fade-resistant. Washable and bleach cleanable. 50.000+ double rubs. Fluorine free.

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